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In 1983 I began serious research into shark cartilage as an effective fighter of cancer, arthritis, psorarsis and angiogenic diseases. Today, shark cartilage is used by over 50,000 people and has become the subject of serious medical research around the world, including two separate FDA clinical trials. In "Sharks Don't Get Cancer" (Avery Publishing) I tell of my pioneering work with animals and humans, including the successful terminal cancer patient trials in Cuba. These trials passed the scrutiny of 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace America's premier investigative reporter. My new book "Sharks Still Don't Get Cancer" updates the continuing research and product breakthroughs since the first book.

I do my best to keep the public informed of the FDA protocol research using clinical grade shark cartilage products. Unfortunately, I receive far more questions and information requests then I can possibly handle. Therefore, I've created this website to help answer your questions and to provide you with the latest news. I hope you find it informative.

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Dr. Lane's 16 Most Asked Questions About Shark Cartilage Therapy
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"Surviving Cancer with Shark Cartilage"
Read the beautiful and amazing true stories of each of these courageous people in their successful fights against cancer.

The "Shark Cartilage Message Forum"
A live message forum for individuals wishing to post thoughts, ideas and concerns regarding shark cartilage.

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